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mcfly_lims's Journal

McFLY - Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome to mcfly_lims, a McFLY icontest featuring the golden boys of British music. The idea is orignially by disney_hush, and is called LAST ICON MAKER STANDING.

Each week, on Sunday 7am GMT, either helena_rw or pin_ball_wizard will post a challenge, and you must make an icon based around that. For example, if we post a theme around Harry, you'd make an icon featuring Harry. You have until the next Saturday, 7am GMT, to post your icons in comments under the challenge (they will be screened).

Once the voting is open, you will choose your LEAST FAVOURITE icon (you can vote for yourself, but I don't see what good it is. -_-). After the voting closes on the Sunday, 6.30am GMT, the icon with the highest number of votes will be knocked out. The icon maker concerned will NOT be able to enter the consequent rounds, but CAN vote on the rounds. The last icon maker left will be declared the winner - so what are you waiting for?!


+ All participants will receive a custom banner to put on their journals.
+ Third Place will win five icons of their choice, plus a Third Place banner.
+ Second Place earn themselves an icon, header AND Friends Only Banner to their choice, plus a Second Place banner.
+ First Place will win a full layout (including header, FO banner and icon), a First Place banner, and the option of maintaining the next McFLY LAST ICON MAKER STANDING challenge.

There are THREE types of challenges at mcfly_lims:

1. McFLY BOY: Here, we'll post three images of one of the McFly guys and ask you to make an icon using the images. Please note, that you can ONLY use the images we provide. If we see anyone using other images it means instant disqualification.

2. THEMES: In this challenge, we'll give you a theme to work around: eg, Dougie's lizard, Danny's dishrag, etc.... You can use any images you want for this type, as long as the theme is explored in the icon (note: it MUST be noticeable.)

3. LYRICS: We'll post lyrics to one of McFly's songs and your icon must feature some of the lyrics. By this, we mean using at least four consecutive words in an icon. Example: if we gave you the lyrics for Five Colours in Her Hair, I'd like to phone her would count, but 5 Colours wouldn't count.